Remodel and DIY

Using log siding for a cabin remodel can add the look and feel to your cabin that you always felt it needed. Timberline Log Exteriors log siding and log corners make your cabin look real. Without log corners, your cabin will look fake. Remodeling an olderĀ  family cabin can be very challenging to make it look like a real log cabin. Not only do you have to deal with multiple generations of carpenters in training (usually relatives), but also many miles to the hardware store for the nails or glue that uncle Bob forgot and don’t forget that this cabin has been added on to for 3 or 4 generations. And looks like it! You don’t need a product that looks fake. We use real logs, we just cut them different so they are easier to put up. Its time to bring it together. Make the family cabin look like it was always supposed to. Timberline Log Exteriors can help you pull it together. Make it look real. Contact us, tell us about your cabin, let us help you with the ideas and then call uncle Bob.

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