Barns, Garages and Outbuildings

Make your Barn, Garage or Outbuilding look like Full Log

Matching the look of a full log home isĀ  very easy with Timberline Log Exteriors. We pride ourselves in looking like full log to begin with. So doing a barn or garage is not that hard. You could build it from full log but the cost is a lot of times prohibitive, especially to house a goat or cow. A good cutting horse might be justified.

A steel barn or garage can be re-sided by screwing furring strips to the steel siding. Most steel ribs are 3/4″ tall so you can use 1×4 for furring and 1×6 on the corners to attach the log corners that make it look real. A few weekends with some friends helping and wahlah, log man cave. (Or cool log she-shed).

Contact us and we can tell you what it will take to put up log siding with Timberline Log Corners. We have attached to most everything. Wood, steel, concrete, brick and even a log cabin.

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