Log Corner, 2×8, smooth



Timberline Log Exteriors 2×8 smooth log corner is made to fit your 2×8 round to round smooth log siding. Our log corners are to designed to go on easily while you are installing your 2×8 log siding. They will give you the look of full log construction without the expense and headaches. 2×8 log siding can be purchased at most any lumber yard. It is usually a special order item, meaning that the lumber yard does not keep it in stock. They will purchase it from a wholesaler who will deliver it to them. It usually takes a week or two to get it to the lumber yard.

It is important that the log siding meet certain dimensions so that it will fit with the log corners. Our corners will fit the majority of 2×8 round to round log siding, but not all. Go to “log siding” to confirm your log siding before you purchase the log siding or our log corners.

These corners come in a left and a right corner. We only sell in pairs so you can’t get them messed up. We bundle 6 to a bundle and can stack 32 bundles on a pallet giving you up to 192 on a pallet. It is not necessary to buy a full pallet. A 8 ft corner will take 30 log corners. Go to “Measure Your House” to calculate the amount of log siding and log corners you will need to make your home look like a real log cabin.

Our “2×8 log corner, smooth” is manufactured from western white pine, mostly lodge pole pine and engelman spruce. The log corners are unfinished and untreated. The color of the wood is white but quickly turns tan with any sunlight. We have matched our corners to eastern white pine, eastern white cedar, western white fir, ponderosa pine and southern yellow pine, perfectly. The texture of the corners is smooth, to match standard log siding. Over the years some manufactures have hewn log siding to look like a log that had the bark removed with a draw knife. Very cool looking siding and we have a cool looking corner to match. You may want to ask your lumber yard if it is available. If you decide to go that way then you will need the ” 2×8 hewn log siding corner”.


Additional information

Weight 5.5 lbs
Dimensions 6.625 × 6.625 × 12.25 in


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